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Target Media Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Focus Media in Hong Kong. The parent company, Focus Media, was established in 2003, and was listed on NASDAQ in the United States in 2005. It is the first elevator media advertising model. It mainly provides core information to mainstream consumers in cities, covering more than 300 million mainstream urban groups. Focus Media has operations in China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, and expanded to Hong Kong in 2018, establishing Target Media Hong Kong Limited.

Founded in 2003 as a pioneer of inner-building advertising company globally, Focus Media is the largest elevator and cinema media group. Its IPO in 2005 on NASDAQ. In 2007, it was included in the NASDAQ 100 Index. In 2015, Focus Media is listed to the China A-share market.

Since 2003, Focus Media has witnessed over 52.1% CAGR in its business results. In 2017, Focus Media booked RMB 12.01 billion in revenue, a year-on-year increase of 17.63% and RMB 6.0 billion in net profit, a year-on-year increase of 34.90%.

Focus Media has built the largest living media group, including elevator TV, elevator posters, Jingshi Cinema, and Final Vision stores. The key to revenue of over 10 billion yuan lies in creating the core scene of [elevator].

The 300 million people are mainly white-collar, gold-collar, business people and community families in the urban population. At present, the media of Focus Elevator has covered more than 150 cities and more than 1.5 million elevator terminals. It has reached 500 million people daily in the urban mainstream population, and has been rated as "the most explosive brand media in China". More than 5,400 brands such as Ali, Tencent and JD.com have launched their niche.

In the future, Focus Media covers at least 500 cities, more than 5 million media terminals, affecting 500 million new middle-class and revenue of 50 billion.


Over 230+cities


Covers more than 2.6 million terminals


Total population exceeds 310 million

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