Premium Building Media Advertising

We create unparalleled advertising value for advertisers and partners.

Case Studies

  • High frequency reach

    The mainstream population in Hong Kong uses 5 lifts per person per day. Place ads here to create high-frequency reach for advertisers 5 times per person per day

  • Play frequently

    Our media operates an average of 12 hours a day, with a cycle of 10-20 minutes, which can ensure that each advertisement can be played 1080-2160 times a month.

  • Effective spread

    Compared with the open environment, the lift lobby and the lift are both closed spaces. Cooperate with the audience's leisure time in this space, can provide advertisers with effective advertising spread.

  • High traffic and quality audiences

    Our media networks are located in shopping malls, industrial buildings and residential buildings in the city center. The audience includes executives, white-collar workers and high-income people.

  • Increase audience awareness

    In addition to advertising, our media will also display interesting short videos, convenient information (weather and news, etc.) and property announcements, creating a higher degree of attention for the media

  • Cost-effective

    Leverage unique media locations to bring advertisers high-efficiency, high-frequency, and high-quality advertising results.

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