Building value-added services

We create unparalleled advertising value for advertisers and partners.

​Target Digital Service (TDS) Your exclusive service partner committed to helping us improve the service quality, environmental quality property, create high-quality property management image and promote good communication between the bridge and the owners to create heartwarming Digital Services Platform .

  • Optimize the sensory experience

    Our media can display necessary convenience information in groups, including weather and news.

  • Considerable source of income

    We will pay a fixed monthly rent for the cooperation and bear the related costs, providing you with a considerable additional income.

  • Your Promotion Platform

    You will become the time slot owner of the cooperative media, with your own time slot for promoting your business and information.

  • Utilize free space

    Let this square position also create value and return for you.

  • No cost

    We will provide media equipment, responsible for installation, maintenance, repair and insurance work and costs.

  • Professional Services Team

    The professional engineering team will carefully consider the conditions of the installation site, draw up a non-destructive installation plan, and return it to the original when dismantling.

Case Studies

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